I'm back! A post on bad coffee made better

That hacker did get the better of me after all, and I had to drop out of cyberspace for a while, but thanks to my genius computer friend, I've been in the clear since Christmas. So, to reassure you, (I say this with sincere hopefulness) I don't anticipate any problems on this blog or anywhere in the near future.

Anyway, I ran out of my whole bean coffee tonight. BTW, my standard fare Kroger French Roast, Medium in the purple bag (the cheapest one, like $3.50 or something) is really, really good. It's my favorite off brand coffee and the price is right!!!

Now, I should add that my husband says I'm a coffee *snob*. A snob! Can you imagine? I prefer to think that I have just developed a taste for really good coffee. However, I do use a French press, love to make my own Americano from my own espresso, and can distinguish between Starbucks - and ground grocery store coffee. The latter, I generally refer to as "swill," of course, not out loud if I'm drinking it at somebody's house.

Sigh. He's right.

So, back to the coffee mini-famine. I mean, I *love* my coffee. So to stretch my last few beans, I put in some -- gasp! -- decaf. (I can get desperate for this brown liquid). Of course, the wholebean-stretched-out-by-stale-decaf combo was terrible. So I added about 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon and (this is the secret) the tiniest pinch of ground cloves! Careful here: less is definitely more with cloves.

The cloves have a strong enough taste that it totally blocked out the terrible-cheap-decaf taste! So, I just sipped down the last few drops and enjoyed the whole thing!

Cheers! And thanks for coming back!!!

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