Dishwasher Pacs? We've Been Duped!

Ooooo, pretty!
I was loading one of these pacs into my dishwasher a couple of months ago and got a revelation. Instantly, I flashed back to the installation of my new dishwasher. The nice man told me to use these special pacs and kindly gave me some free samples, "The new dishwashers run much better with these than the liquid, Ma'am."

Indeed, my liquid did not perform as well as the lovely and mysterious little pacs in the new machine, so I bought some. Ahhh, the marvels of modern technology. First, HD television and the iPhone and now these nifty pacs, I mused.

Homemade recipe,courtesy lightlycrunchy blog
Anyway, back to the aforementioned revelation: I was loading the beautiful little packet into my dishwasher, and ... it broke open. Do you know what spilled out? Dishwasher powder!!! Dishwasher powder???? Those little weasels!! So, there is no secret formula inside these little gizmos? No super-powered cleaning formulas? The pack casing performs no miracle?  The pretty green and blue swirls? Well, I haven't figured that out yet. Probably colored goo. (I do know the generic swirl-less packs work great.)

Ahhh, the marvels of modern marketing schemes. Will the wonders of the new millennium never cease?

Cheapo generic powder
When you run out of these expensive little pacs,
go buy some cheap dishwasher powder.
Dollar Tree, here I come!

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